blockchain applications in the music industry

5 Problems In The Music Industry That Blockchain Technology Aim To Solve

Do you know how difficult it was to listen to the latest release of your favorite singer? You had to take a ride to your nearby music store and get a copy of the latest album. Sometimes, the local stores won’t even have them until several months after release. Nowadays, you can listen to new releases of your favorite artists with just a click of the mouse. Music can be easily downloaded and copied from anywhere.

Piracy has increased and it has become very difficult to protect the music industry from the malicious force of piracy. Though music is a billion dollar industry now, lots of money are being lost because of piracy. Many nightclubs are playing music without giving any royalties to the artists. These problems and others related to the music industry can be solved using the blockchain technology.

Blockchain Technology Applications For The Music Industry

Lack Of Transparency

An artist works very hard to release an album. A lot of money is invested as well. But as the albums are sold through various distribution channels, lack of transparency becomes evident. It is reported that the artists end up getting only 20% to 40% of the total earnings from their album. That’s why you will find many artists not using streaming services like Apple Music, Google Play Music, Spotify, etc. Blockchain technology can help in this regard. It can keep an unaltered record of all the music permanently in cryptographic form. No third party is needed to control the information. This will result in transparency in the music industry.

Royalty Payments

Smart contracts using blockchain technology will help in providing automatic royalty payments to the artists. This ensures that everyone involved in creating the music receives their shares of royalties. No third party is required to process that transaction or keep records of it. The blockchain technology will allow royalties to be split among the performers, songwriters, producers, and everyone else involved. The complex copyright environment will become very simple with the blockchain technology.


With the blockchain technology, you can record your files containing the lyrics, notes, licensing, etc. securely. These records will be permanent and any unauthorized access to these files won’t be allowed. The contents will be encoded. So, no one will be able to record, copy or distribute music without paying the royalties to the deserving people. This way piracy can be prevented.

Artists’ Income

The major music hubs take away most of the profits from the artists. They also charge a lot from their fans for listening to the music of their favorite artists. As a result, the aspiring artists suffer as they are not getting their legitimate payment. This problem can be solved by using blockchain technology for music streaming. This technology is now used by a company named OPUS.

This company provides all the money they make by selling or downloading music to the artists. The fans can also get more access to music without any hassle. They can easily access any music from anywhere. An app called ‘BitTunes’ lets the artists get their share of the revenue every time their music is downloaded. The fans also get rewarded if they share the music with others and influence them to download as well. The BitTunes is a bitcoin-based network and offers great transparency in music selling.


It can be tough getting the fund to create your music. Not every artist has the money to launch their album. Blockchain technology opens the opportunity for crowdfunding. So, once you have a project up in the system, anyone can invest in it and get the respective returns automatically when the album releases. Investing in the initial coin offering (also known as ICO) is a great way to sucessfully stay on top. As with all high-return investments, buying cryptocurrency is risky, and ICOs, like the ICO token sale behind USI Tech, are riskier still

The blockchain technology is already prevalent in the music industry. The music you listen to at home or in dance clubs will never be a pirated version again. The blockchain technology will protect the music industry from piracy and will ensure that the artists get properly paid for their hard work. It will develop a new ecosystem where there will be transparency. In this ecosystem, both the producers and artists will benefit. There won’t be any issues regarding music copyright and royalty payments will be paid automatically to the artists. So, the artists will have more control over their music and they will be the ultimate rightful winners in this music business.

The Top 3 Disco Places in New York

New York is the city that never sleeps because a lot of fun and exciting activities happen every night. The city’s disco clubs, for example, are never empty. Disco-lovers flock to these clubs regularly to dance the night away. There are a lot of them in New York, so it can’t be quite difficult to choose where to go if it is your first time. As such, we have decided to trim down the list to the top three disco places in the Big Apple.

Le Bain
848 Washington Street (at W 13th St)
New York, NY

Aside from the hip and cool dance music, what helped land Le Bain in the number one spot is its breathtaking view of the city, the Jacuzzi and the plunge pool (on the dance floor!), and the rooftop lounging area. Le Bain offers a totally new concept in disco clubs, one that incorporates everything that’s fun, exciting, and relaxing (and clean!). Located in the penthouse of The Standard, the club regularly showcases music by some of the world’s most popular DJs.

House of Yes
2 Wyckoff Avenue
Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY

If you like fabulous and lively dance parties, the House of Yes is the ideal disco place for you. This dance club usually comes up with unique themes for the night, so customers who go to the club in their costumes are given priority at the entrance. They also get to enjoy free drinks. Aside from awesome music and dancing, House of Yes also serves delicious Middle Eastern food. Likewise, the club caters to different events like a holiday disco party and poetry events.

Space Ibiza New York
637 West 50th Street
New York, NY

Space Ibiza New York is one of the trendiest disco clubs in the city. Its crowd is hip, young, and often includes the famous, particularly the fashion and art crowd. It is considered one of the best venues for experiencing the Mediterranean nightlife, as well as electronic music. This stylish disco club features world famous DJs alongside upcoming artists.

Top Four Reasons Why You Should Move to New York

Fast-paced, the city that never sleeps, culturally and racially diverse, hugely populated, these are some of the things that describe New York. To some, it can be intimidating and extremely challenging, but to others, these descriptions promote a sense of excitement and adventure.

Whether you’re visiting or moving to New York, here are four reasons why this place makes a lot of sense to a lot of people who want to experience fun and excitement in their lives.

New York is rich in history and the arts

If you are a type of person who appreciates history and art, New York may just be the perfect place for you. The Big Apple is home to some of the best museums in the country and the world. From the Met (the Metropolitan Museum of Art) to the Museum of Natural History, you will never run out of things to get excited for in this amazing city.

New York is full of opportunities if you know how to find them

If you’re planning to start your own business, New York’s huge population is an open market for you to tap on. You just have to figure out how to capture your target audience. And if you’re planning to start a new career, there are plenty of opportunities in the city that may provide the perfect fit for your expertise and training.

New York offers a wide range of options for residence

From the condos in Manhattan, the apartment complexes around Central Park to the beautiful houses on the outskirts of the city, there are plenty of housing options to choose from when you’re in New York, regardless of your price range.

If you come to New York to raise a family, then you’d probably prefer the quiet and beauty of the suburbs. If you’re looking to start a career or business, then taking up residence in the downtown area is probably the best option for you.

The beautiful sights and sounds of New York

Have you ever experienced spending Christmas in New York or watch the ball drop in Time Square at the strike of twelve during New Year’s Eve? It is amazing. It’s something that tourists will never forget, and New Yorkers will always be proud of.

Top Four Dance Tunes in 2016 According to iTunes

iTunes regularly comes up with a list of the best music in certain categories or genres. To celebrate the upcoming New Year, it recently came out with a list of the best dance songs for 2016. The music and artists on the list are as varied as it can be; which says a lot about the exciting developments in music in the past 12 months. Here are the top four best dance songs for 2016 according to iTunes.

iTunes regularly comes up with a list of the best music in certain categories or genres. To celebrate the upcoming New Year, it recently came out with a list of the best dance songs for 2016. The music and artists on the list are as varied as it can be; which says a lot about the exciting developments in music in the past 12 months. Here are the top four best dance songs for 2016 according to iTunes.

1. Closer by The Chainsmokers, featuring Halsey

This song was released back in July and reached the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. It was such a hit that it stayed at the number one spot for 12 straight weeks. The dance tune also made it big outside the United States. In Australia, is took the number one spot on August 13, 2016. Likewise, it reached the top of the UK Singles Chart and stayed there for four weeks. The music video for Closer was released last October 24.

2. Let Me Love You by DJ Snake and featuring Justin Bieber

French electronic music producer DJ Snake’s 2016 album titled Encore features the dance hit Let Me Love You. Featuring vocals by world famous singer Justin Bieber, the song ranked 41st on Billboard and was included in the list of the 100 Best Pop Songs of 2016. It generated over 100, 000 downloads on Digital Songs and made it to the second spot on the UK Singles Chart. The music video for DJ Snake’s hit was released in November.

3. In the Name of Love by Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha

Dutch DJ Martin Garrix teamed up with American singer Bebe Rexha in the dance hit In the Name of Love. The song was released on iTunes after it debuted at the Ultra Music Festival 2016 was then released commercially in November. The official music video was first released in August on Apple Music. After two weeks, it became available on YouTube.

4. Don’t Let Me Down by The Chainsmokers, featuring Daya

The year 2016 is a big one for The Chainsmokers, with several of their songs making it big in the major charts. Don’t Let Me Down, which features American singer Daya, is one of these. Released last February 5, the song is described as a “dance pop with trap influences”.  It took the number 3 spot on the US Billboard Hot 100 and ranked high in the charts of countries like Australia, Canada, and the UK. Don’t Let Me Down is a Grammy nominee for Best Dance Recording. The song’s music video came out last April 29.