Music and dancing go together. One is not complete without the other. That is what we believe in here at The Wendy House, which is why we celebrate life with music and dancing practically every day.

The Wendy House is your premier disco destination in the lively, colorful, and fun New York City. It is where you’ll enjoy the best music; where you’ll love to dance the whole night long. Conveniently located at HOLTSVILLE, New York, The Wendy House first opened in 2000. It started with a simple dream of establishing a one-stop shop entertainment haven for the disco-loving population of New York. Today, it has grown into one of the classiest, funkiest, and biggest music-and-dance clubs in the Big Apple.

Visiting the city of New York without stepping into The Wendy House is a sin for anyone who loves music and dancing. With some of the best DJs in the world spinning music like there’s no tomorrow, it is the only place to be if you want to swing, groove, and sway. At The Wendy House, every night is a never-ending celebration!

This The Wendy House blog was created for all the club’s friends and followers. Up-to-date information, news, events details, and special features like interviews and videos are regularly uploaded to this site. So even if you are away from New York and cannot be at the club, you can stay updated with the goings on at The Wendy House.

The Wendy House blog is an online community for the disco-loving people of New York who have helped make it one of the most popular destinations in the city.